Power Pocket Hands More Tricky than you Think

There are few more important factors in online poker games than how to manage a power pocket hand successfully. Players find that a great pocket hand is often an invitation to disaster if not played exactly right as some players overplay such hands while others are too cautious and conservative.

Let’s begin with the most obvious power pocket hand, pocket aces. There is no hand that speaks of power in online poker games more than “pocket rockets” to begin a round of a potentially huge jackpot but also of being cleaned out.

We are now in an era of hyper aggressive poker in which a new generation of player believes that the anonymous nature of online poker is an invitation to blitz, bluff, and or intimidate other players at the table and a pair of aces only serves to enhance this aspect of the game.

The first big mistake is to assume that those aces mean certain victory. Many a veteran player in fact can attest to their biggest “bad beats” having to do with pocket rockets and how it was a classic example of “overplaying their hand.”

By the same token, a pair of aces often is an invitation for a player to “slow play” himself right out of a big win. To slow play pocket rockets would be like running the ball into the line when you have Tom Brady as your quarterback.

The key is balance. With a strong pocket hand such as aces you must thread the needle between aggression and cautious play. Much of this has to do with positioning, chip stacks, and observance of the other players at the table. Online poker comes down to making several quick reads, odds calculations, and the ability to manipulate your hand to the best possible conclusion. With that in mind, there is nothing that can be taken for granted.

A big part of making reads comes with experience. The more online poker that you play the more that you will learn. The old adage about poker taking “an hour to learn and a lifetime to master” holds considerable truth and you will only develop the skill to read your opponents and their strategy by playing hand after hand.

In today’s hyper aggressive style of poker, the reads and dynamics have changed but the odds and law of mathematics and gravity have not, and that is ultimately what separates winners from losers.

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